How Important is Prayer to You?

     Why should it take a bad diagnosis, a major business loss, or a big problem to move prayer up in our daily action plan? How important is prayer to you?

     I believe now is the time to find a way to bring prayer back into our personal lives.


3 Things That Happen When We Pray


1. We are depending on God.

When we do not pray, we are depending on ourselves.

Pray like it really matters in your life. Pray daily. Pray continually.

Bring prayer back into your life.


2. We are walking in faith.

     Praying is faith. When we pray, we are declaring absolute dependence on the Lord and walking by faith in God alone.

     When we pray, we are trusting in the Lord completely. When we pray with another person, our faith increases. So, does our expectancy.


3. We are acting upon God’s Word.

When we pray anywhere about anything, we are acting upon God’s Word.

That is why prayer is our greatest action. But always remember, prayer moves us to action.


This Is Why ---

  • We pray because we depend on God.
  • We pray because we want to walk by faith.
  • We pray because we are acting upon God’s Word.


Is prayer important enough to you to do it daily?


Now is the Time to Lead, Dr. Ronnie Floyd, 


National Day of Prayer Task Force
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