Paul and Becky Abel will be home on furlough from August 2019 through May 2020. They may be reached at: paulabelfamily@gmail.com

 Our stateside cell phone number is: 612-426-0572



Paul and Becky October 2019 Newsletter
News from us - so long overdue! Please forgive us for our lack of communication. Life has been full of signs of God's faithfulness and mercy. Just want you to know about a few things for which we are thankful. Since our last newsletter we had a great pastors and wives conference in Brazil with almost everyone in attendance, a wonderful family retreat at the ARCA for people from the 4 congregations in our area, and a weekend retreat for youth teaching on sexual purity and living a life according to God's guidelines. We also fixed up a little house on our property so that we could move from our big house to smaller quarters in order for John and Hannah Lee to move into our home while we are on furlough. Oh, yes, and the frame of a new prayer gazebo at the ARCA was built in June.  In the meantime, ministering was going on as usual. We said our good-byes in the beginning of August. This time the farewells to many of our seniors was more difficult because we may not see some of them again until eternity. One dear saint already made the journey HOME since we left. Somehow, we managed to get our bags packed and make it to the airport on August 13 to fly to the U.S. Pray for our people and ministries while we are away. We are so thankful for the way in which God provided people to step into our ministry roles for this year until we return after the Annual Conference in June 2020. 
Life on this side of the Equator
As soon as we arrived stateside, we were blessed to have some family time at the Dahlin family cabin in Hayward, WI. Such a lovely place to relax and regroup! Then at the end of August we had the "once in a lifetime" experience of getting almost ALL of the John Abel family together for a 3-day retreat at the ARC in WI. About 50 friends joined our 75-member family group to celebrate the 70th wedding anniversary of Paul's folks on a Sunday afternoon. None of us could have imagined how very special this family time was for everyone! We are happy to have a "home" at the Mission House whenever we are not on the road.
What is Ahead
The next nine months will be dedicated to visiting churches and supporters to share about our ministry in Brazil and thank people for their partnership in ministry with us. We've already had the privilege of visiting many friends, meeting with the World Missions Committee, attending a Pastor’s Retreat, speaking at a WMF Rally, and going to churches in WI and eastern ND. We look forward to seeing many more people. I'll include our October Schedule below and will try to keep you updated each month about our whereabouts. To contribute to our ministry even now while we are on furlough send your gifts to AFLC World Missions or donate online at www.aflcworldmissions.org/online-giving-missionaries                                                                                                         

See a 7-minute video about our ministry on our website: www.paulabelfamily.org under VIDEOS  or download it from the following link:


We're so thankful for our wonderful Supporters!  Hope to see you during our furlough time!
October Furlough Schedule for Paul and Becky

  • Oct. 1. p.m. Jamestown, ND – Pastor Steve Berntson    
  • Oct. 2. p.m. Valley City, ND – Pastor Dennis Norby 
  • Oct. 3-5 STEER (visit Kuhn family)   STEER We will be participating in the STEER convention- a wonderful way for donors and ranchers to help support missions by raising a steer along with their herd.
  • Oct. 6.  a.m. Beulah, ND – Pastor Kent Sperry  p.m. Mott, ND – Pastor John Amundson 
  • Oct. 7. p.m. Killdeer, ND – Dan Aichele  Oct. 8. (Visit Elkins Richardton, ND)    p.m. Dickinson, ND – Pastor Brian Davidson 
  • Oct. 9. Culbertson/Brockton, MT – Pastor Brandon Marschner
  • Oct. 10. Visits in Tioga, ND 
  • Oct. 11. p.m. Minot, ND – Pastor Shane McLoughlin 
  • Oct. 12. Lunch with Slettos in Grand Forks 
  • Oct. 13 a.m. East Grand Forks, MN – Pastor Sam Wellumson    
  • Oct. 13 p.m. Fargo, ND – Pastor Micah Hjermstad 
  • Oct. 14. Visits in Fargo 
  • Oct. 15. Return to Osceola 
  • Oct. 16-19 Outing with Grandkids 
  • Oct. 20 a.m. Upsala, MN – Pastor Wayne Hjermstad 
  • Oct. 21-23 Chaplain’s Retreat at ARC in Osceola, WI
  • Oct. 23 p.m. Brainerd, MN – Pastor David Franz 
  • Oct. 24. Visits in Brainerd, MN and Black Duck, MN
  • Oct. 25 Visits in Geenbush, MN
  • Oct.  26. p.m. Oiland, Greenbush, MN– Pastor David Nelson 
  • Oct. 27. a.m. Free Lutheran Church of Roseau – Pastor Ervin Schmitke    p.m. Free Lutheran Church of Roseau – Pastor Ervin Schmitke
  • Oct.  28. a.m. Roseau Bible Study and visit relatives in Stephen, MN 2
  • Oct. 29. p.m. Buxton, ND – contact Gene Finstrom 
  • Oct. 30. and 31 To be Confirmed


  September 2019           Greetings from the Heart of South America

"Due to its central location in South America, Paraguay is sometimes referred to as  Corazón de Sudamérica => "Heart of South America ."

Looking Back

The month of August was a memorable month of PTO with family and friends in the USA. The main reason for the trip was an Abel family reunion celebrating 70th anniversary of John and Ruby Abel. It was incredible to have all the cousins and their families together for a weekend at the ARC (Association Retreat Center). We also spent 10 restful days at the lake in Hayward WI along with my parents (Paul and Becky), my Grandma (mom’s side) and several others.

In Mark 6:31 Jesus said to His disciples:  "Come ye yourselves apart into a desert place, and rest a while..."

Looking Ahead

The future comes at us so fast though! This week we oversee after school camp-style competitions here at Bethany school. We have a lot of fun helping others have fun. Thursday, I travel for 3 days with a team from JesusResponde to help with free medical and dental care attentions at a church in Curuguaty. My part will be spiritual health =)

Next Monday I leave on an eight-day ministry trip with two other missionary pastors. I will be networking with ministries and scouting for a place to establish the Free Lutheran Paraguay HQ.

In October we begin a new phase of more intensive language training at an institute for foreigners in Asunción.

There is a lot for which to thank God

A couple hours before sitting here to write this letter, I bought our "new" car. A 2000 Toyota SUV. We are thankful for the church family that surrounds us, the ministry opportunities and the networking. We are thankful for a happy and healthy toddler (oh my!) and a baby on the way. We are thankful for the ministry motorcycle that has been such a blessing.

Pray for:

  • Holy Spirit direction as we plan and strategize
  • Ednay as she “holds the fort” with Zoey while I am away

  • Baby boy (in the womb) as he develops and grows

  • Safety in coming and going  Language learning

  • Wisdom to lead, teach, disciple, preach and live according to the Truth

 Thank you and God bless, your missionaries Mafú, Ednay, Zoey, and (Boybump) Abel

P.S. Have you noticed how we haven't been asking for prayer about finances anymore? That is because many of you have been faithful givers! Thank you for being a part of God's provision for us and this ministry.


Jonathan and Tamba Abel—Maringa, Brazil    TIME JOURNEL, September 2019

Dear Friends and Family, Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Coworkers with us in the ministry of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

 “O beautiful for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain, for purple mountain majesties above the fruited plain! America! America! God shed His grace on thee and crown thy good with brotherhood from sea to shining sea!”

     This song has been in my mind almost daily since we arrived in the United States for a short, 3 months’ furlough.  America is such a beautiful country and God’s handy works is seen all over it. We pray for this nation just as we pray for the peace in Jerusalem that people might see that the dream that everyone has for life can only be found in Jesus Christ.

     This has been a very busy furlough starting out with the Annual Conference of the AFLC in Eastern Pennsylvania, followed by the FLY convention in Colorado, then on to Southwestern California, back to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Family Camp at the ARC in WI, to rolling hills in Southern Wisconsin. We also were in central Minnesota, western North Dakota and lastly in Minneapolis, all the while visiting churches along our path. We love furloughs because we love to be with our AFLC family. It has been such a joy to visit with so many old and new friends everywhere. 

      Also, it has been a time of Spiritual refreshing and feeding, having the opportunity to be ministered to by the Speakers at the different events and by the books I (Jonathan) have been reading while on furlough. The only thing I regret is that we are not able to visit all our AFLC churches to see everyone. But we do want to thank all of you for standing behind us in your prayers and your financial support. May God richly bless you! 

     One unexpected development this furlough, which we were not planning on, was that of leaving our daughter Michelle here. She just turned seventeen and as we were traveling and talking about her education into the future, we came to realize that if she transitioned from home schooling to a formal school setting, it would better prepare her for future education. God opened all the doors for her to study at Hillcrest Lutheran Academy in Fergus Falls, MN. This made us so happy and sad at the same time. Happy for her and sad for us who are going to be empty nesters. Our youth group in Brazil will also miss her, since she was very close to them. So, you can remember to pray for us all in this new phase.

     On Labor Day weekend we celebrated Dad & Mom’s [Rev. John & Ruby Abel] 70th wedding anniversary as well as Mom’s 90th birthday at the ARC. It was a special time having this family reunion right before we returned to Brazil.

     Along with America the Beautiful song, we continue to reflect on the ARC’s theme verse this year: 

“Many, O Lord my God, are thy wonderful works which thou hast done, and thy thoughts which are to us-ward: they cannot be reckoned up in order unto thee: if I would declare and speak of them, they are more than can be numbered.” Psalm 40:5


In Christ, Jonathan, Tamba and Michelle

Contact us at e-mail: tjabel@terra.com.br

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