Paul and Becky Abel will be home on furlough from August 2019 through May 2020. They may be reached at: paulabelfamily@gmail.com

 March 29, 2020 is Mission Sunday at Our Saviour's. Paul and Becky will be visiting from 5-7pm, sharing their mission work and travels from the past year. They will be with Good Shephard Free Lutheran Church, Cokato, in the morning.


 Telling "Our Story" as a part of "His Story"

 "His Story" is the same sweet story proclaimed through the ages - God became man and dwelt on earth.... Jesus humbled Himself and gave Himself as a payment for our sins.... All who believe and receive this gift are given new life and the sure hope of heaven! "Our story" involves having the awesome responsibility of sharing this Good News. Since September we have traveled about 8,000 miles and shared "our story" over 40 times. It's been a pleasure to personally thank the people who have helped us tell "His Story" to the people of Brazil. We will continue our travels until after Annual Conference in June 2020, so we still plan to see many more of our faithful supporters and friends. We are always awed by the realization that we are prayed for and supported financially by such a loving family here in the U.S. Here's to wishing you a blessed Christmas in 2019 and a Happy New Year in 2020!


Our storybook "White Christmas" in the Midwest Fun Moments with Family

 You can imagine how much fun our "Brazil" grandkids are having experiencing snow for the first time. God sent such a "perfect" white winter for them to enjoy. Over Thanksgiving they had fun sliding and building a snow fort.  We hope to take them ice skating over Christmas.  

  It's been a special treat for us to hear our grandchildren singing in choirs in Fergus Falls, to hear the Free Lutheran Bible College choir and other festive celebrations.


Celebrating with Special People

 We plan to gather family and friends at the Mission House at Christmas for a “rerun” of Thanksgiving.  It’s such a blessing to have this place to call “home” when we are on furlough.  Quick stops to see grandson Judah make us happy, and special moments with our parents and siblings have made this time extra-special!


Answered Prayer

 1) Thanks for praying for our Brazilian Annual Conference in November.  The meetings went well, and peace prevailed.  Continue to pray that they will be a growing, Biblical, doctrinally sound church.                                                                                                                                    

 2) Thanks for praying for our ministries that we left in the hands of others.  They are doing a great job!

 3) We are thankful for two families who responded to our request for frequent flyer miles to help Joanna’s family return to Brazil in June.

 4) Pray that Pastor Iran, president of the Brazilian church, will be granted a visa to come to our AFLC Annual Conference in 2020.

 5) Pray for our national Brazilian pastors who make great sacrifices to be in ministry in Brazil.  


Blessings to You and Yours at Christmas! 

In His service, Paul and Becky     Donate to our Support or to Projects to help the ministry in Brazil.  Send designated gifts to:                    AFLC World Missions 3110 E. Medicine Lake Blvd. Minneapolis, MN 55441

or donate online: www.aflcworldmissions.org/online-giving-missionaries


Contact us by phone: 763-390-6825 or email: paulabelfamily@gmail.com


Paul and Becky Abel January-February 2020 Schedule

  • Jan. 26 – a.m. service Good Shepherd in Camarillo, CA

  • Jan. 27-30 Home Missions Retreat in Mesa, AZ

  • Jan. 31 - p.m. program at David Johnson residence

  • Feb. 2. - a.m. service Calvary in Mesa, AZ; p.m. program Living Word in Phoenix, AZ

  • Feb. 3-4 Visit family, friends, supporters in Phoenix

  • Feb. 5 - Fly to Florida Feb. 6-12 Becky visits Mafu and Nay and babies in Paraguay; Paul spends time with brother Nate and family

  • Feb. 13 – Fly back to Mpls.

  • Feb. 16 – a.m. service Solid Rock in Anoka, MN

  • Feb. 23 – a.m. services Hope in Minneapolis, MN

  • March will find us in PA, MD, SD, NE, IL, and MN. [Sunday, March 29, tentative Mission Sunday at Our Saviour's, French Lake from 5-7pm]

  • April plans are for MO, OK, TX, WI, and MN May we’ll be in WI, MI, MN and SD


 We will give dates and place in a future newsletter. Hope to see you somewhere along the route!


See a 7-minute video about our ministry on our website: www.paulabelfamily.org under VIDEOS  or download it from the following link:


We're so thankful for our wonderful Supporters!  Hope to see you during our furlough time!  


                                  ABEL 4 PARAGUAY

New Year, Same Objectives

Choosing location

We have been seeking God's direction through various means. One thing we have done is to personally go to different places to where we have been invited. We go, we pray, we ask many questions, meet people, pray some more and debrief. We have mainly visited communities that are unreached.


The most recent place we have visited is a rural community with a population of 20,000 people of which an estimated 500 (generous estimation) are being reached through combined efforts of existing ministries in the area. Matthew 9:37-38 “The harvest is truly plenteous, but the labourers are few. Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that He send forth labourers into His harvest."

 Learning Guaraní

A continued goal is to learn the language. While living in the city Spanish is the main language, but as soon as you leave the urban area the game changes. Guaraní is still the language of Paraguay. The process is difficult, but we trust that God will continue providing determination and patience as we learn.

Developing Partnerships

We have learned of many ministries and non-profit organizations serving Paraguay in many different areas. During our enculturation time we have focused on getting acquainted with such ministries who in turn will be able to reach into the community where we will eventually end up. Partnerships are very important in our mission setting because we don’t have a ministry team. We will depend on external help until the Lord raises up the gifts within our church plant.

Serving the Local Church

While living here at Mission Betania we are ministering to the local congregation. One-on-one discipleship, specific prayer groups and Bible courses are among the roles we have developed in the local congregation.

Serving the AILLB

The Brazilian church is also on our hearts as we desire to see it embrace missions. We also are trying to help the Seminary be the best it can be by sitting on its Board.

To All Our Supporters Out There

We can’t thank you enough for your faithful giving. You make it possible for us to be ministering here in Paraguay working toward church planting! If you are not a donor and would like to participate in our financial support: https://www.aflcworldmissions.org/online-giving/missionaries-donate/

As career missionaries we depend on the generosity of people like you.


I can’t leave family out of the list of goals. One of our greatest lifetime responsibilities is our marriage and our children. We praise God for the arrival of Ian Mateo Abel on January 8th. And his lovely big sister Zoey Beatriz Abel (18mo.) brings great joy to our lives (busyness too).

Please Pray---Take a minute now and pray for us.

In Christ, Mafú, Nay, Zoey and Ian Abel



Jonathan and Tamba Abel—Maringa, Brazil

TIME JOURNEL, January 2020

Dear Friends,

 “But the wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, and easy to be intreated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy.” James 3:17


We want to thank you for praying and supporting us in 2019! Here are the highlights from the last 6  months:


  • taking our short furlough (last summer) and covering around 15.5k miles
  • leaving Michelle to study in MN (Hillcrest Lutheran Academy)
  • enjoying special family reunion with the Abels (great celebration for John & Ruby's 70th wedding anniversary and Ruby's 90th birthday)
  • a scare in Tamba's health (very small cyst in liver and pancreas)
  • an all-day Children's program at church with games, Bible stories, and water spray from firefighters on National Children's Day
  • 50th wedding anniversary celebration at church for one of our couples
  • a gift of an elevator for our church; our wheelchair friend is so happy
  • 2 weddings in December (Tamba's cousin and her nephew)
  • losing the 2 Leukemia young parents we were praying for (who are now completely healed in heaven)
  • a very nice Christmas program with Nativity play at church in Maringa
  • a last minute good deal to travel to SP and spend Christmas with Tamba's parents
  • New Year's Eve testimony and Prayer service with Church Family in Maringa
  • we've had diferent families over for meals during this season; and got to know our new members better


2020 already is packed with activities and programs. Please pray for these.




  • a group of willing workers from the Midwest are coming down with Journey Missions, led by Jon Nelson, to help do much needed work on our Bible Camp in Campo Mourao, January 15-30
  • a kid's Bible Camp, also at Campo Mourao, January 17-19
  • 3 teenagers will be baptised at church on January 26




  • April and Elijah and grandson, Jobe, will be visiting us for a couple of weeks!!!
  • Youth and Family Bible Camp during Carnaval week, February 21-26


Our Adult Sunday School class just completed studying the Book of James. We all enjoyed the practical words of counsel that he gives us, with wisdom from above being just one example.


Due to extra expenses, such as our furlough travels and school expenses, we ended the year 2019 with a shortfall in our personal support funds. Please pray for our support to be met in 2020.


Thank you again, in Christ, Jonathan, Tamba and Michelle


Contact us at e-mail: tjabel@terra.com.br

Gifts may be given on line at www.aflcworldmissions.org  Or mailed to:
AFLC World Missions 3110 E Medicine Lake Blvd Plymouth, MN 55441-3008

To watch the most recent video about the AFLC Missions in Brazil please follow the link to the AFLC homepage:
This video is available at https://www.aflcworldmissions.org